Business roadshows are often incredibly high pressure, and therefore stressful for both the business executive and the PA.

Limo Plus takes care of the entire journey – from planning the roadshow to your return after the last meeting. Our meticulous planning starts before the event. We check journey times, pick up and drop off points, lunch arrangements and ensure your travel needs can be met across different cities and locations. During your roadshow, the chauffeur will be constantly monitoring for local disruptions that could impact your schedule.   

With LimoPlus Worldwide, executives arrive at meetings relaxed and in plenty of time.  20 years of working in the industry means we know the realities of business. Our team is always ready to be flexible - adapting to your schedule, at the minute. Our chauffeur will work closely with the executives, communicating on parking locations and pick up timings.

At Limo Plus, we will allocate an experienced international roadshow manager who will work closely with you to make sure that every aspect of the roadshow runs smoothly and stress-free, ensuring correct journey times across different cities; getting the client and their executives to their meetings safely and on time.  We will also offer advice, and solutions to some of the logistics and complex situations associated with roadshows, Send us the itinerary and we will take care of the rest. Lunch can also be arranged as a stop or in the vehicle complimentary WiFi, water and popular device chargers.