Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions not listed below, please call us on
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Driver & ChauffeUR FAQs

Will I be able to request a certain chauffeur?

Yes, subject to availability we are more than happy to allocate a preferred private chauffeur . We always endeavour to automatically match clients with the same drivers.

How should I contact my chauffeur to let them know about a change of plans or delays?

You must contact the office directly if there are any changes or delays. If you are already with your personal chauffeur you can call them directly on the mobile number provided on your confirmation.

Do any of your chauffeurs speak multiple languages?

Yes, many of our chauffeurs are multilingual. If you have a particular requirement please ask.

Can one of your chauffeurs drive my own vehicle for the journey?

Yes, subject to the correct insurance being in place.

Will my chauffeur respect my privacy? 

Yes, all our chauffeurs are very discrete - this is part of our private chauffeur service.

How are your chauffeurs trained?

Firstly, all chauffeurs have to have a special licence through the Public Carriage Office before we accept them for an interview. They then have to pass an internal driving test as well as a written exam. If they are successful they are then trained in-house by our MD.   

How much experience do your chauffeurs have?

This varies, our requirements are 5+ years minimum. However, many have 15 years + experience in this industry.

How can I expect my chauffeur to behave?

Your professional chauffeur will be smart and polite at all times. They will meet and greet you, open the doors, carry and load luggage etc. They will also assist with any reasonable requests, personal chauffeur service.

Is it guaranteed that my driver will always be on time?

Subject to situations out of our control, your private chauffeur will be earlier than the appointed time. Ready and waiting at your desired pick-up location.


What is the maximum number of people you can facilitate in one booking?

Unlimited. We can provide transportation ranging from cars to  56 seat coaches. LimoPlus regularly provides service for parties of over 50 passengers.

How far in advance should I arrange my journey with you?

We can normally guarantee availability 24 hrs prior, depending on the vehicle and location. Often we provide service just one hour before the pick-up time. However, we recommend you contact us as early as possible so you can be rest assured your Limousine service is sorted.

Do you chauffeur children and babies?

Yes, and please do ask about child/baby seats. Some territories, however, will only allow passenger supplied car seats for insurance purposes, especially the USA.

Can I contact Limo Plus at any time of the day or night? How responsive are you?

Yes, we are available 24/7/356 offering worldwide chauffeur services. We respond to a call instantly, and emails within 20 mins.


Can I change the route of my journey whilst I am travelling?

Of course. Many of our clients use the car all day and advise the professional chauffeur of the next destination as they go. Just bear in mind your chauffeur may need to check the route or traffic for longer journeys.

What happens if there is a strike or roadworks which delay my journey?

The professional chauffeur will be aware of long-term roadworks, and many other issues, adjusting their route accordingly. However, if an incident is “fresh” they will adjust as soon as they can. The office also monitors traffic and issues and will text ALL Chauffeurs to warn them if they may be affected, advising of alternative routes.

Do you have drivers in other countries so I don’t have to negotiate my journey using two companies?

Yes, we cover most of Europe and the USA, Australia and Singapore. Please feel free to ask about our worldwide chauffeur services and international chauffeurs.

Can I book a chauffeur and vehicle for a longer duration than one day?

Of course. You can try and break our current record - a vehicle every day for 8 months!


How do I know which is the best vehicle for my needs?

Please call us and we will advise based on the passengers’ requirements.

How old are your vehicles?

We aim to replace our vehicles every three years.

Why have you chosen the vehicles you have in your fleet?

Because of their reliability, safety systems and comfort. They are the flagships of the motor industry.

I want to travel in a different vehicle/vintage car, can you help me find one?

We will help with anything you need. This is the Plus in Limo Plus. From a vintage car to a supercar, from a yacht to a Limousine. 

How frequently are your vehicles inspected/checked?

Our vehicles and professional chauffeurs are inspected regularly. Random inspections, and, on many occasions, unseen spot checks. All vehicles are maintained to the manufactures specification and have MOTs twice a year. 


Is a tip expected by my chauffeur?

No, it is not expected. It is completely discretionary if you feel you would like to tip your private chauffeur.

How do I make payment for my journey?

Either through an account for corporate chauffeur services or via debit/credit card.

Do fares include parking and tolls?

No. Parking and tolls are not included and are charged at cost.


Will my chauffeur wait in arrivals for me when my flight comes in?

Yes, your chauffeur will be at the barrier with a name board - unless you have requested otherwise. If for some reason you can not see your chauffeur please call us on +44 (0)20 7748 8888, or the chauffeur's mobile number, which will be on your confirmation. Please do not leave the airport terminal before making contact with us.  We provide services for holiday transfers, private jet flights, meet and greet and executive transfers.  

Will Limo Plus be on top of my travel times - both arrivals and departures?

Yes, we monitor all flights, as does the professional chauffeur. We even monitor via radar, so we are able to see the flight in real time.

Can I expect my chauffeur to help me with my luggage?

Yes, and if you have a lot of luggage he can help with a trolley or arrange a porter.

How will my driver keep in contact with me when I am travelling?

Your private chauffeur will only contact you by text if it is critical, if so they or the office will call you.